There are generally 3 stages to care : Initial Intensive, Rehabilitative and Maintenance Care. Your Chiropractor will explain the different stages of care on your second visit, during the Report of Findings.

Initial Intensive Care

The is the first phase of care, also referred to as Relief or Acute Care. This phase is designed to reduce or eliminate the majority of your discomfort and begin stabilisation of your condition. During this phase of care your visits will be more frequent, with each adjustment building on the one before.

Rehabilitative Care

The objective of Rehabilitative Care is to correct any underlying spinal injury as well as strengthen muscles, improve spinal function and allow for the continued healing of your tissues and organ systems. Your visits will reduce in frequency and your care is supplemented by additional strengthening exercises and postural re-education if required.

Remember, many of the conditions for which people seek chiropractic care have developed over many years and therefore, it takes time and perseverance to correct these conditions.